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New To Climbing?

Here's everything you need for the perfect first time climbing experience.

Introductory Classes For First Time Climbers

Join us for an introductory climbing class to help you make the most of your visit time on the wall.

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For the Young Adventurers

Dive into the excitement of climbing with sessions tailored for young adventurers aged 3-15.

Our Intro Sessions introduce 7-15-year-olds to the joys of climbing, covering basics and sparking their adventurous spirit.

For ages 3-6, our kids sessions blend fun, games, and challenges to boost skills and teamwork.

As a proud provider of the National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme (NICAS), we guide climbers through a structured journey from safety fundamentals to advanced skills, nutrition, and physical literacy, embracing all climbing styles.


For the Adult Aspirants

Explore climbing with our Adult Intro to Climbing class, ideal for beginners eager to reach new heights.

In this 1.5-hour session, adults (16+) discover top rope climbing, auto belays, and bouldering.

Guided by expert instructors and in the company of up to eight others, you'll learn the basics, foster camaraderie, and prepare for a competency check to climb unsupervised in the future.


Join us at Live For Today Climbing Centre, where your first steps into climbing could lead to a lifetime of adventures.

Whether you're a curious beginner or a young explorer, your climbing adventure starts here.

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New Child Climber At Harrogate Climbing Centre Top Roping

Top 5 Reasons You'll Love Climbing

Climbing is not just a sport; it's an adventure that challenges your body and mind, pushing you to new heights—literally and figuratively.

Anatomy Of Carabiners

Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or someone looking to dip their toes into something exhilarating, climbing offers an array of experiences tailored to every skill level and interest.

Here's why you'll fall in love with climbing, with a special focus on the progression from bouldering to embracing the great outdoors.

1. A Full-Body Workout

Climbing is an incredibly effective full-body workout that combines strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Every grip, pull, and step engages your muscles, from your fingers to your toes, providing a unique exercise regime that beats any gym routine.

It's a fun way to get fit, improve your physical health, and boost your mental well-being.

Plus, the variety of climbing styles means you'll never get bored.

2. Mental Challenge and Problem Solving

Climbing is as much a mental game as it is physical.

Each route or problem presents a puzzle that requires strategy, planning, and adaptability.

You'll learn to read routes, anticipate moves, and experiment with techniques.

This mental engagement keeps your mind sharp and focused, turning every climb into a rewarding problem-solving session.

3. Community and Support

Climbing boasts a welcoming and supportive community.

Whether at the climbing gym or at the crag, climbers of all levels share tips, celebrate each other's successes, and offer encouragement.

This sense of camaraderie not only makes climbing more enjoyable, but also fosters a positive environment where adventurers feel part of a tight-knit family.

4. From Bouldering to the Great Outdoors

Climbing offers a clear and satisfying progression pathway that caters to growth and skill development.

You might start with bouldering, which focuses on short, challenging routes without the need for ropes.

As you gain confidence, auto-belay and top rope climbing introduce you to height and safety equipment.

Lead climbing takes it up a notch, challenging you to clip in as you ascend.

Finally, outdoor climbing combines all these skills with the beauty and unpredictability of nature, offering a thrilling and rewarding experience.

This progression not only improves your skills but also keeps the adventure fresh and exciting.

5. Empowerment & Confidence

Perhaps the most profound aspect of climbing is its ability to empower and instill confidence.

Confronting and overcoming the physical and psychological challenges posed by climbing fosters a sense of achievement and self-reliance.

The act of pushing beyond your perceived limits, whether reaching a new height or mastering a difficult route, translates into a powerful boost in confidence that permeates all aspects of life.

This empowerment is a testament to climbing's transformative potential, offering a sport and a journey of personal growth and discovery.

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