Air Rifle Shooting At Hazlewood Castle

Air Rifle Shooting

Discover your sharpshooting skills at our Air Rifle Shooting range near Leeds & York. It's all about fun, focus, and hitting the target. It’s the perfect shot of excitement for every adventurer!

Test Your Skills As A Marksman

Set your sights on an air rifle shooting adventure amidst Yorkshire's breathtaking scenery. Whether you're a curious beginner or an experienced shooter, our sessions offer the ultimate mix of challenge and fun. Best of all, you get unlimited ammunition for your session

Air Rifle Shooting At Hazlewood Castle

Nestled within the majestic Hazlewood Castle grounds, our range is more than just a place to shoot; it's a destination for those who crave precision and excitement. Our experienced instructors will guide you every step of the way, ensuring your aim gets sharper with every shot.

Embrace the moment as you steady your rifle, breathe in the fresh Yorkshire air, and find your focus. With top-tier equipment at your fingertips and various targets, the thrill of improvement is matched only by the stunning natural tapestry that unfolds around you.

Your safety is our priority, and our covered ranges guarantee a comfortable shooting experience in all weather conditions. It's the perfect setting for a memorable day with friends, a team-building event, or a special celebration.

Join us at the crossroads of adventure and tranquillity in Yorkshire for an air rifle shooting experience you will never forget. Secure your spot today and ready yourself for an exhilarating journey of skill and discovery.

Aim for an unforgettable day – Yorkshire’s premier air rifle experience is calling!

5 out of 5 stars

Had a brilliant day doing archery, axe throwing and air rifle shooting. Well worth the money, my cheeks hurt from laughing and Eddie our instructor was fantastic, he put us at ease, gave us great tips to improve and had great information. We will be back!

Air Rifle Shooting At Hazlewood Castle
Air Rifle Shooting At Hazlewood Castle
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Activity Pricing

Affordable prices, premier activities.

Air Rifle Shooting

£30/Per Person
  • Unlimited Ammunition
  • Duration: 55 Minutes
  • Minimum Booking: 2 People
  • Minimum Age: 12
  • Sheltered Range, Suitable For All Weather

Large Group?

If your group is over 30 people, please get in touch with our team directly.

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Our Air Rifle Locations

You can find our air rifle activities on offer at our Hazlewood Castle activity centre near Leeds & York.

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5 out of 5 stars

Really good experience, our instructor Eddie was with us for 3 activities and was a proper legend! Axe throwing, archery & air rifle shooting were spot on and will be recommending the experience to everyone! Easy to book and a good laugh!

Sandra P

Five Reasons You'll Love Air Rifle Shooting

Ever wondered what it takes to hit the bullseye with the focus of a marksman? Air rifle shooting isn't just about pulling the trigger; it’s a rewarding experience that combines concentration, control, and sheer excitement.

Anatomy Of Air Rifles

1. Master a New Skill

Air rifle shooting is about precision and patience. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned shooter, there's always a new level of skill to master. Our expert instructors are on hand to help you improve your aim and shooting technique, ensuring you progress with each session.

2. Engaging for All Ages

Our range is designed to be fun and challenging for adventurers of all ages. With various targets to choose from, including wooden blocks, metal spinners, and mini chalk figures, you're guaranteed an engaging and entertaining time.

3. Unlimited Shots, Unlimited Fun

We believe in the joy of practice, and with unlimited shots available, you can keep aiming and shooting until you perfect your shot. This is the perfect opportunity to lose yourself in the challenge, with each target hit bringing a new sense of achievement.

4. Competitive Games and Scenarios

Add an extra layer of excitement with our thrilling games and scenarios. Compete in tactical challenges like O's and X's, aim for the highest score, or become the hero in a hostage rescue mission. These games are designed to sharpen your shooting skills and inject fun into every session.

5. Champion of the Day

There’s nothing quite like a little friendly competition. At the end of your session, we crown the day’s top shooter. Take pride in your improvement and, perhaps, leave with the bragging rights as the champion marksman of the day!

Before you embark on this adventure, all the practical details are taken care of. With free on-site parking, a smooth check-in process, and safety briefings, all that's left for you is to focus on the fun.

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