Axe Throwing At Ripley Castle

Axe Throwing

Discover the primal joy of Axe Throwing. This exhilarating experience is bound to hit the mark, offering a dash of the wild amidst the heart of Yorkshire.

Unleash Your Inner Viking

Whether you're a seasoned thrower or a first-timer, this adventure is crafted for all skill levels. It's not just about hurling axes. It's about embracing a new skill, and, who knows, discovering a hidden talent along the way!

Axe Throwing At Hazlewood Castle

Your journey begins with a comprehensive safety briefing led by our adept instructors, ensuring a solid grasp of the dos and don'ts before you take the axe.

With the basics under your belt, our instructors will guide you through various throwing techniques.

Venture from straightforward overarm throws to mastering the finesse of double-handed and even backward throws.

If you're up for a challenge, double axe throws await!

You'll engage you in a slew of games and challenges. From 'Outside In' to 'Zombie Hunt' and 'Hit the Playing Card', the fun is ceaseless.

5 out of 5 stars

Brilliant axe throwing session with my lovely cousins. Daz was very patient and ensured we had a great time. Bonus was no one died and we all still have limbs!

Sue Wilson
Axe Throwing At Hazlewood Castle
Axe Throwing At Ripley Castle
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Activity Pricing

Affordable prices, premier activities.

Axe Throwing

£30/Per Person
  • Duration: 55 Minutes
  • Minimum People (Hazlewood): 2
  • Minimum People (Ripley): 4
  • Minimum Age: 12
  • Sheltered Range, Suitable For All Weather

Large Group?

If your group is over 30 people, please get in touch with our team directly.

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Our Axe Throwing Locations

You can find our axe throwing activities on offer at our Ripley Castle & Hazlewood Castle activity centres near Harrogate, Leeds & York.

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5 out of 5 stars

Simply brilliant, did the axe throwing. Eddie, the instructor, was great fun and made sure we were all having a good time. Loved it.


Five Reasons To Embrace The Thrill Of Axe Throwing

Unleash your inner warrior with Axe Throwing - ideal for gatherings of friends, family reunions, or corporate camaraderie.

Anatomy Of Axes

Here are five compelling reasons why axe throwing should top your list for an exhilarating group outing:

1. A Resounding Stress-Buster

There's an undeniable catharsis in landing an axe squarely on target. As the thud resonates through the range, feel the day’s stress dissipate into the thrill of the throw.

2. A Bonding Bullseye

Whether it's a casual outing, a spirited party, or a corporate event, axe throwing nurtures camaraderie. It's not just about hitting the target, but celebrating each bullseye together that fosters lasting bonds.

3. A Workout with a Whirl

The swing, the release, and the follow-through—each throw engages muscles you barely knew existed. Amidst the laughter and friendly competition, you're in for a full-body workout.

4. A Quest for Mastery

The journey from a novice to nailing the target is laden with learning, patience, and a dash of technique. Under the guidance of our seasoned instructors, embark on a fulfilling quest towards mastering this ageless art.

5. A Hearty Dose of Fun

The joy of axe throwing is universal, transcending age and skill. The sheer delight of hurling an axe through the air is bound to leave you and your companions with wide grins and hearty laughter.

So, when the mundane threatens to engulf your routine, break free with a session of axe throwing at Live For Today.

It's not merely about hitting the mark, but about forging unforgettable memories amidst the rustic charm of Yorkshire.

Venture out, seize an axe, and let the good times roll!

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