Izak & Marc Chatting About The History Of LFT Around A Campfire

A Journey of Passion, Adventure, and Lasting Memories

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Journey through the evolution of Live For Today and our passion for creating unforgettable experiences in the great outdoors.

Let’s go back in time to Yorkshire, 2011, where a unique story began to unfold with Live For Today.

Marc, an IT professional, got fed up with the mundane day to day of the office and decided to trade in his desk for the great outdoors.

This journey from the routine office life to the thrill of adventure captures the essence of what we're all about.

Our story began unexpectedly. It was at Harrogate climbing wall where Marc & Dan first met, and they instantly clicked – they wanted to bring the joy of adventure to others.

“In the early days, things were pretty raw and real. We had some hilarious moments, like zorbing down hills with no fences (not our brightest idea) and making do with what we had. Those days were about more than just having a laugh – they taught us how to be creative and flexible, traits that are at the core of everything we do now.”

As we grew, so did our range of activities.

“We started adding stuff like quad biking and air rifles. This wasn't just about offering more options; it was about ensuring there was something for everyone. Whether you're an adrenaline junkie or someone who enjoys a more laid-back experience, we wanted to have you covered.”

We didn't just stop at outdoor activities.

With the introduction of escape rooms, we showed our commitment to variety. Our goal was to make sure that no matter the weather or your preference, you'd find an adventure to enjoy.

“What really makes Live For Today stand out is the people behind it. We've got a team that loves the outdoors and is passionate about making every adventure memorable. Whether you're talking to one of our instructors or someone in the office, we're all about making sure you have a great time.”

Looking ahead, we're excited about bringing even more adventures to our community. We're always thinking about new ways to make your experiences with us unforgettable.

Live For Today is more than an adventure company – it's a group of people who love the outdoors and want to share that love with you.


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