New Child Climber At Harrogate Climbing Centre

Kids Climbing Classes In Harrogate (NICAS)

Unlock your child's climbing potential with our Wild Climbers Club and NICAS classes (National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme) at our accredited climbing centre.


Climbing Classes That Help Your Child Excel

Is your child ready to scale new heights and discover a passion for climbing through our National Indoor Climbing Award Schemes (NICAS) and the Wild Climbers Club?

New Child Climber At Harrogate Climbing Centre

Wild Climbers (3-6)

£12/per session

Explore Wild Climbers Club, our enchanting sessions crafted for aspiring climbers aged 3-6!


Embark on a journey of discovery, where climbing meets the wild traits of our beloved animal guides.

Can you climb with the grace of a monkey or the determination of a lion?

Earn special stickers in your explorer's logbook as you navigate through these traits in our captivating 1-hour sessions.

Aimed at enhancing agility, balance, coordination, and encouraging teamwork, Little Climbers Club is the ultimate beginning for your tiny adventurer's journey up the wall.

Perfect for climbers age 3-6.

Duration: 1 Hour
Age: 3-6
Minimum Booking: 1
All Equipment Provided


What Is NICAS?

NICAS provides a safe, fun introduction to climbing indoors, helping learners to develop climbing movement skills and build their confidence, and create a grassroots pathway to additional climbing activities both indoors and outdoors.

Level 1

This is the entry-level award for candidates who wish to learn basic climbing skills. This level focuses on a safety-conscious attitude as much as climbing skills.

Level 2

This level is a key stage in a climber's development. It is designed to correspond to most climbing centres' membership standards. A level 2 holder has mastered the basics of climbing on an artificial climbing structure and should be able to climb and boulder safely.

Level 3

This level concentrates on climbing techniques and movement, with some additional knowledge of equipment. You must spend a lot of time climbing to improve your technique and fitness.

Level 4

This level introduces you to lead climbing with all its attendant risks and required skills. Candidates who gain this level should be capable of lead climbing competently and in control.

Level 5

This level focuses on improved performance through training and a deeper understanding of the sport. Holders of this award will have achieved a high level of skill, knowledge and motivation through considerable effort over many months.

Climbers can record progress in their own logbook, giving learners a clear roadmap to track their climbing achievements and a sense of being part of the NICAS community.

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Card System

Climbing Unsupervised

We operate a carded system for our NICAS students over 14 years old.

Blue Card
Bouldering: 1hr assessment.
Green Card
Top rope, auto-belay and bouldering: 1.5hr assessment.
Yellow Card
Everything: 1.5hr assessment.

Once assessed, your child can climb unsupervised in our centre at any time.

Adult CLimbing Intro Session At Live For Today Harrogate

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