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Live For Today's data protection policies.

Effective From 12th January 2024

To protect our customers date and information, Live For Today (LFT) follows the guidelines of General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR), below is how we comply:

  • Key members of staff (full timers and senior instructors) are made aware of LFT’s areas of compliance, focusing on how we use the personal information.

  • A completed audit of information held can be found in the NOP.

Information We Hold

Full name, D,O,B, email address, phone number, address, emergency contact, medical condition.

Staff recorded details: Full name, D,O,B, email address, phone number, address, emergency contact, medical conditions, Banks Details, DBS information, NI Number.

Customers have the right to request the information that is held for them, this will be sent to them electronically in PDF format. The information will be sent within a month.

On request, a customer’s data can be erased where it is no longer needed for the purpose it was collected.

If there is ever a breach of data, the ICO will be informed within 72 hours.

Sharing Data

Customer data is never shared with third parties or offered for purchase.

Data is only shared to Live For Today’s partners who require the information to make reservations or to contact the customer regarding their services.

Partners include; Hazlewood Castle & Ripley Castle.

Live For Today will only look at sharing data further if the reason relates to the original purpose for which it was collected. When this is doubtful, Live For Today will contact the customer to gain consent.

Data may also be shared to comply with the HSE regulations, for example, reporting a RIDDOR.

Legal Basis

Live For Today record and keep customers data for the following reasons:

  • Data from a completed disclaimer shows a customer's acceptance of the risk when participating in outdoor activities/adventures. See ‘Disclaimer Protection’ below for more details.

  • Data taken from a contact form, email, phone call or booking form is recorded for contact and payment purposes, it is also used for related Marketing.

Disclaimer Protection

All completed disclaimers are completed digitally on Smartwaiver and are securely stored in the cloud.

The length of keep of these disclaimers is to be as follows:

  • Adult disclaimers – 3 years.

  • Under 18’s disclaimers – 3 years in addition to them turning 18 years old.

The above applies to all Disclaimers; Multi Person, Group Disclaimer, Holiday Camp Disclaimer, Education Disclaimer, Individual Corporate Disclaimer, etc.

If a paper disclaimer is completed, these are scanned and securely stored online before being shredded once a copy has been made.

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