Disc Golf At Ripley Castle

Live For Today Announces the Launch of LFT TV: A New Home for Adventure Enthusiasts

[Yorkshire, March 2024] – Live For Today, the leading provider of outdoor adventure experiences, is thrilled to announce the launch of its newest activity - Disc Golf. Nestled in the historic grounds of Ripley Castle, this exciting sport combines the skill of frisbee with the strategy of golf, offering an unparalleled outdoor experience for adventurers of all ages.

Dive Into The World Of Disc Golf

Disc Golf at Live For Today isn't just a game; it's an adventure waiting to unfold amidst the serene beauty of Ripley Castle's landscapes. With a specially designed disc, players will embark on a journey through bespoke courses, each presenting its own set of challenges and rewards. It's an opportunity to engage in healthy competition, sharpen your strategic thinking, and indulge in the pure joy of outdoor play.

Game Details

Pricing: £15 per person or £40 for a family of four

Duration: 1 - 2 hours, perfect for families, friends, and team-building events

Booking: For groups of 2 or more, with a recommended minimum age of 6

Accolades: Every victor earns a coveted Winners Medal

Why Disc Golf?

Live For Today's Disc Golf experience is crafted to captivate the heart of every adventurer. It's accessible, requires no prior experience, and is a perfect introduction to outdoor activities. The course is a blend of physical and mental exercise set against Yorkshire's stunning landscapes. Moreover, it's an affordable way to enjoy a day out, making it an excellent choice for anyone seeking fun without a hefty price tag.

Join The Adventure

Embrace the call of the outdoors and make your way to Live For Today for an unforgettable Disc Golf experience. Whether you're aiming to top the leaderboard, enjoy a day with the family, or simply immerse yourself in nature, Disc Golf offers something special for everyone.

For more information, booking details, and to discover the full range of adventures offered by Live For Today, visit [Your Website] or contact us directly. Don't miss out on this exciting new way to experience the beauty and thrill of Yorkshire's outdoor landscape.

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