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Live For Today Unveils Exciting Rebrand and Launches New Website to Enhance Adventure Experiences

[Yorkshire, January 2024] – Live For Today, a leader in providing unforgettable outdoor adventure experiences, is thrilled to announce a dynamic rebranding and the launch of its newly designed website. This significant step reflects our commitment to offering the best in outdoor adventure and creating lifelong memories for adventurers of all ages and abilities.

Our new brand identity resonates with our core values – being personal, positive, passionate, and premier in every experience we offer. The rebrand includes a refreshed logo, a vibrant colour scheme, and a revitalised mission to bring unparalleled adventure experiences to our community.

"Our rebranding and new website are more than a visual change," says Izak Jackson, Marketing Manager at Live For Today. "They represent our ongoing dedication to providing top-tier adventure experiences and making every moment count. We're excited to showcase our over 20 diverse outdoor activities and premier locations in a way that resonates with our adventurers' spirit."

The new website features an intuitive, user-friendly design, making it easier for adventurers to explore and book their next thrilling experience. Enhanced with stunning photography and engaging content, the website mirrors the excitement and vitality of our outdoor adventures. Visitors can effortlessly navigate through our offerings, from adrenaline-pumping activities like climbing and paddleboarding to peaceful natural escapes.

As part of our commitment to community and connection, the new site also includes stories and testimonials from our adventurers, highlighting the transformative power of our experiences.

"We believe in creating a space where everyone can feel alive and connected," adds Marc Wise, Co-Founder at Live For Today. "Our new website and brand are a reflection of this belief and our dedication to enhancing every adventurer's journey with us."

We've also newly redecorated Live For Today's Hazlewood Castle activity centre reception. As you enter, you're greeted by an ambience that echoes the adventurous spirit of Live For Today yet pulses with the energy of today's thrill-seekers. The walls, adorned with vibrant, inspiring images of our diverse outdoor activities, instantly evoke a sense of excitement and anticipation. We've infused every corner with thoughtful touches that reflect our commitment to a personal and passionate experience. This transformation is more than a redecoration; it's a reaffirmation of our dedication to creating a welcoming, community-oriented space that sets the stage for unforgettable adventures and memories.

Join us in celebrating this new chapter. Explore our new website at, and let's create unforgettable adventures together.

For more information or to book your next adventure, visit or contact us at

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