Minigame Mayhem At Hazlewood Castle

Minigame Mayhem

Six games. Sixty minutes. Head to head. Compete to see who can complete the minigames fastest.

Embrace the thrill with Minigame Mayhem!

Whether you're competing with friends, family, or colleagues, this head-to-head challenge is a race to see who can master the minigames the fastest.

Minigame Mayhem At Hazlewood Castle

Dynamic Energisers for Everyone

Minigame Mayhem is designed to spark excitement and collaboration and is ideal for any group. These lively lawn-based games are entertaining and a fantastic way to enhance communication, teamwork, and strategic thinking skills. They're perfect for anyone and everyone, from groups of friends to families and teams looking to bond and build skills.

Customised Fun

With diverse challenges, we tailor the experience to suit your group's vibe and preferences. Rain or shine, our games adapt to your environment, ensuring uninterrupted fun.

Variety and Versatility

Engage in challenges that last about 10-15 minutes each, providing a mix of physical, logical, and problem-solving activities. The more games you play, the more everyone gets to showcase their unique skills and strengths.

Perfect Ice-Breaker or Energiser

Start your day with energy or break up a monotonous routine with our lawn-based energisers. Minigame Mayhem is ideal for any occasion, offering a fun, inclusive, and memorable experience that brings out the best in every participant. Get ready to laugh, strategise, and celebrate together!

Minigame Mayhem At Ripley Castle
Minigame Mayhem At Hazlewood Castle
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Activity Pricing

Affordable prices, premier activities.

Minigame Mayhem

£30/Per Person
  • Duration: 60 Minutes
  • Minimum Booking: 8 People
  • Fantastic For Team Building
  • Unique Castle Grounds

Large Group?

If your group is over 30 people, please get in touch with our team directly.

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Our Minigame Mayhem Locations

You can find our Minigame Mayhem activities on offer at our Ripley Castle & Hazlewood Castle activity centres near Harrogate, Leeds & York.

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5 out of 5 stars

I booked a works team social event for 15 people with a mixed age group from 20 to 65 to do the archery at Ripley, even though it was raining heavily, we all had a great time, and everyone enjoyed themselves. Daz, had put up a gazebo so that we didn't get soaked( which was appreciated) and he made the experience fun with good natured competitive challenges, making this a great team building activity.


Five Reasons You'll Love Minigame Mayhem

Step into the world of Minigame Mayhem, where excitement and competition blend seamlessly for an unforgettable experience. Perfect for thrill-seekers and strategists alike, this dynamic activity offers a unique combination of head-to-head challenges and skill-building opportunities.

Anatomy of Juggling Balls

1. Competitive and Collaborative Fun

Immerse yourself in a sixty-minute frenzy of excitement with Minigame Mayhem. Perfect for groups of friends, families, and colleagues, these games promise an electrifying head-to-head challenge. Test your skills and speed in a friendly competition as you race to master the minigames faster than your opponents. It's an exhilarating way to connect and engage with each other!

2. Dynamic Energisers for Everyone

These aren't just games but energisers designed to ignite enthusiasm and teamwork. Ideal for enhancing communication, strategic thinking, and collaboration, Minigame Mayhem is perfect for anyone seeking fun combined with skill-building. Whether you're a group of friends or a team looking to bond, these games offer a lively, lawn-based adventure that everyone will enjoy.

3. Customised Fun Tailored to You

Your experience, your choice! Our diverse range of challenges can be customised to match your group’s energy and preferences. With the flexibility to play indoors (if conference facilities are hired) or outdoors, rain or shine, Minigame Mayhem ensures that your fun remains uninterrupted, constantly adapting to provide the best experience possible.

4. Variety and Versatility at Its Best

Dive into a blend of physical, logical, and problem-solving challenges, each lasting 10-15 minutes. This variety ensures everyone in your group can shine, utilising their unique skills and strengths. The more games you play, the more you discover each other’s talents and capabilities.

5. The Ultimate Ice-Breaker or Energiser

Looking for a way to kickstart your day or add a spark to a routine gathering? Minigame Mayhem is your go-to choice. It’s an inclusive and memorable experience that guarantees laughter, strategy, and shared moments of triumph. Perfect for any occasion, these games are designed to bring out the best in participants, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and celebration.

Get ready to laugh, compete, and create unforgettable memories with Minigame Mayhem – where every game is a new adventure!

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